Our Clients want to be on top of their financial game. Since 2010, MoneyFit has helped them get there.

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Beth Melcher - Beth has BA in English Literature and Economics; MBA in Strategic Planning and Marketing. She has been a Banker, Product Manager, and Business Owner. For the past 25 years, she has seen how business works from the perspectives of an owner, manager and analyst. Beth is a Wrangler of Chaos, Conqueror of Financial Nonsense and Deliverer of Valuable Information.  This stuff does not have to be boring folks!


Stephanie Wilson - Stephanie graduated from Davenport University in 2012 with an MBA in Accountancy. She has six years of experience in public accounting. MoneyFit welcomed Stephanie in 2014. She is a QuickBooks expert and is a superhero with workflow management, accounts payable and accounts receivable. We often call her "QBAppMaster J." Just ask her about it.